PBA Programme

The Professional Business Accountant (PBA) Programme is a six-month programme designed for the accountancy professionals to enhance their competencies with reference to the ISCA Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB) Framework. Administered through e-learning platform, this Programme allows professional accountants to build skill sets with ease and flexibility.

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Note to Accountancy Graduates of Foreign Universities:

Accountancy graduates of foreign universities (please refer to recognised universities for Associate (ISCA admission) who intend to apply for the PBA designation after completing the ISCA PBA programme will also need to complete the modules below:

  1. LS001i Singapore Company Law
  2. TAX002i Singapore Tax
The PBA Programme comprises compulsory and optional modules as indicated below.
If you do not wish to take up the full PBA programme, the following modules (except for modules under the Future Finance modules) are eligible for registration as a standalone module for CPD purpose.

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Course Code Course TitleCPE-hour 
CompulsoryPlease choose all of the following:  
DGT002iFinancial Modelling1.5 hrCompulsory
DGT003iData Analytics Made Easy 1.0 hrCompulsory
FT001iFuture Finance- Artificial Intelligence and Automation 1.0 hrCompulsory
FT002iFuture Finance – Blockchain 0.5 hrCompulsory
FT003iFuture Finance – Cybersecurity 0.5 hrCompulsory
FT004iFuture Finance – Data and Analytics 1.0 hrCompulsory
BF002iOverview of Business Valuation for Financial Reporting2.0 hrCompulsory
BF003iMergers and Acquisitions1.5 hrCompulsory
BF004iWorking Capital and Treasury Management2.0 hrCompulsory
BF005iCapital Planning1.0 hrCompulsory
BF006iCorporate Governance and Control1.5 hrCompulsory
BF007iFinancial Statement Analysis1.0 hrCompulsory
BF008iSustainability Reporting1.5 hrCompulsory
MP004iFinance Business Partnering1.0 hrCompulsory
MP005iSceptical Mindset for Accountants1.0 hrCompulsory
MP006iEffective Delegation and Feedback1.5 hrCompulsory
MP007iEffective On-The-Job Coaching1.0 hrCompulsory
MP008iEffective Conflict Management1.0 hrCompulsory
RM002iEnterprise Risk Management1.5 hrCompulsory
TAX003iTaxation for Accountants2.0 hrCompulsory
MP175v/MP175Leadership: Effective Influence in the Organisation4.0 hrCompulsory
PBA001iOverall Assessment0.0 hrCompulsory
OptionPlease choose one (1) of the following:  
E009iFraud Investigation of Asset Misappropriation Schemes2.0 hrOptional
E006iEthics for Associates2.0 hrOptional
E012iSpeaking Up, Raising Concerns & Whistleblowing2.0 hrOptional
 Total CPE-Hour31.0 hr