E-Learning Programmes

 ISCA CPE has launched e-learning modules to supplement the class-based Ethics programmes to help busy professionals fulfil their Ethics CPE obligations at their convenience. Professionals who may be travelling can also access the e-learning courseware 24/7.
 Intuition e-Learning library comprise more than 400 courses which will help professionals build on their knowledge in the areas of Finance and Business skills. The library of courses extends to all areas of the financial sector including Capital Markets & Derivatives, Risk Management, Regulation & Compliance, Financial Analysis & Valuation, Wealth Management and Consumer/Retail Banking.
 BPP Professional Education is one of Europe’s leading specialist providers of professional education, delivering a range of industry-leading Professional Qualifications, Professional Apprenticeships, Professional Development programmes and Learning Media. Choose from 40 e-learning modules ranging from IFRS and US GAAP, to Finance topics ranging from balanced scorecard and Investment appraisal to Shareholder value.